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Re: [IP] Dr. Joe's e-news 1/23/02 - C-Peptide

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From: jhughey <email @ redacted>

(Quote from Dr. Joe)
>On the other hand, it is hard to
>believe how many people who are told that they are really a 2, not a 1,
>prefer to remain on insulin.

Geez, is this doc an idiot or something????  If a Type 2 prefers to remain
on insulin, it's because they get better control, AND no side-effects, who
WOULDN'T prefer that????

There's no way *I* would trade the excellent control I get on insulin (and
at very reasonable doses -- I'm not insulin resistant), for the bathroom
blues of metformin, or the weight gain of the sulfs or the potential liver
damage of the glitazones!!!!!

I'm not on Dr. Joe's list, but if you want to quote me, please do -- he's
just reinforcing a stereotype that insulin is the last choice and the final
punishment for FAILURE, rather that a good tool in the proper

Natalie ._c-  Type Weird
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