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[IP] Talking about Diabetes with kids

Lately my 8 month old (almost 9 months) son  is obsessed with gadgets.  He loves
the television remote and the cordless phone, and he is very interested in my
glucometer and pump.  I usually wear my pump in my pocket so just a bit of the
tubing may show when it pulls out. It's hard work trying to keep him from yanking
on it.  I've woken up from a brief nap with him feeling a tiny hand yanking on my
tubing. I wonder--when did any of you start trying to explain things to your
non-diabetic kids?
I know he's too young now.  All I can say is "Sean, leave that alone please.
Here's one of your toys." Or try to distract him. But when did any of you start to
say "Mommy has to do a blood test" or "Daddy is feeling low now".  Did you use the
technical names for things or just terms a kid could understand? Are there certain
words to avoid using? I want him to someday understand that when Mommy is cranky
and not herself sometimes, it may be because she needs a snack, but I don't want
him to think of me as sick. Does that make any sense?
This is just something that I've been thinking about the last day or so. If anyone
has any stories or advice, please post.

Thanks.  :)

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Who is sleeping in her own house this past week and has her own supply closet
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