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[IP] List of carb factors


I have an excel spreadsheet based on the listing of the USDA database of over
6,000 foods with their carb factors.  I would like to mention a few of the
advantages of this file.

1) The carb factors listed are "Effective carb factors" listing only the
available carbs, i.e.; Carbs minus the Fiber.  (such a list has never

2) The food items that have NO carbs are on a separate sheet.

3) I have seen people mistaking when looking up values in the USDA database
and using that number for a decimal value, when there is a single digit, for
example; if the database says that for a 100 gr portion there will be 4 grams
of carb, people do mistaken it and use ".4", which is wrong and would give a
result of 10 times the amount, (".4" is 40 percent).  Therefore, in our file
it is listed as "0.04" to avoid this mistake. (".04" is 4%)

4) The size of the file is 550 kb, anybody that is interested in it, should
please let me know on my private email address (It's free).

5) We do have another file that also lists the "Protein Factors" for those who
cover their proteins also, (somehow very few have to do it).

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
Jewish Friends With Diabetes
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