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[IP] Dr. Joe's e-news 1/23/02 - C-Peptide

The question of what to measure and when to measure to differentiate between
type 1 and 2 is always on someone's mind. On the other hand, it is hard to
believe how many people who are told that they are really a 2, not a 1,
prefer to remain on insulin. At least you know and you can make the
judgement that best suits your life.

The C-peptide is a test to see how much insulin you are making. The C part
is the Connecting peptide between the A and B chains of the active insulin
molecule. It tells how much insulin you release in response to a meal. The
body splits the C peptide off to make active insulin. The insulin you inject
has no such C part - all the C peptide comes from your own pancreas.
Therefore, if you have a lot of "C-Peptide", your pancreas makes a lot of

The standards are slowly forming. It is measured in three time frames.
7       Fasting
7       90 minutes after a meal
7       measured after 1 mg of glucagon given IV and drawn 6 minutes after
Perhaps it is time to know what you are. It's your time.

Dr. Joe, the Diabetes Doctor

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