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[IP] Re: Doctor telling you not to test so much

Jackie P.writes:

> the Dr. said to stop checking so much as it was making me a 
> nervous, depressed diabetic. He now has me checking before every meal and 
> at 
> bedtime and doing any corrections at that time.  

The first 2 months I was on the pump I tested all the time, wrote everything 
down and charted it.  I think because I was looking at everything so closely 
and with higher standards than before, it didn't seem like I was doing so 
well.  When I went to my doctor my A1C was 7.1 (pre-pump was in the 9 - 10 
range) and he told me to stop being so neurotic.  So I did ease up.  I do 
think that sometimes we can try to hard to over correct everything and that 
can cause more problems.  I know that now I need to spend a little more time 
focusing on it (BG, what I'm eating, etc) but it is hard to find the time and 
also to find the happy medium between good control and letting it take over 
your life.

Type 1 - 28 years, pumping 2 1/2 years.
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