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Re: [IP] Re: Eligibility for Paradigm upgrade

At 10:01 PM 1/22/02 email @ redacted wrote:
 >In a message dated 1/22/02 6:51:08 PM, email @ redacted writes:
 >On January 6 of this year (less than 3 wks ago), you state in your profile:
 >I use about 30 units a day and have had diabetes 18 months....  Now, how did
 >it come to be that you started pumping a month before you got DM? (~_^) >>
 >I had diabetes month's before I even knew about an insulin pump if I'm off 5
 >or 6 day's forgive me I did not know you where the list police  and I been
 >pumping for 18 month's and a few more day it will be 19 month's Whats next
 >are you going to tell me my name is not Doug? please do something usefull
 >with your time and leve me alone thank :)

Before this feud goes any farther, please review the list rules at: 

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