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Re: [IP] Re: Eligibility for Paradigm upgrade

In a message dated 1/22/02 6:51:08 PM, email @ redacted writes:



On January 6 of this year (less than 3 wks ago), you state in your profile:

I use about 30 units a day and have had diabetes 18 months....  Now, how did

it come to be that you started pumping a month before you got DM? (~_^) >>

I had diabetes month's before I even knew about an insulin pump if I'm off 5 
or 6 day's forgive me I did not know you where the list police  and I been 
pumping for 18 month's and a few more day it will be 19 month's Whats next 
are you going to tell me my name is not Doug? please do something usefull 
with your time and leve me alone thank :)
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