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[IP] Re: MM Sils and Quick Sets

<<BTW, even when I remove a site and I see the cannula
is bent, I haven't had 
that affect my BGs.  As long as the adhesive stays
good and stuck (and that's 
not a problem with the QuickSets, in my experience),
it seems the insulin is 
still getting delivered on schedule. YMMVLeeann>>

Really??, I find that when my cannula gets bent I get
absolutely NO insulin from my boluses (with Sils and
Quick Sets).  I am so confused as to where it
goes...when I remove the site there is no sign of it
anywhere.  It is so frustrating.  Like last night, I
had just changed my site and had an "unexplained high"
and bolused, but it didn't come down.  I bolused again
and it still didn't come down.  By this time I had a
small amount of ketones and was feeling a bit nauseus.
 I immediately gave an injection, changed my site,
drank a LOT of water, etc.  I know I should have
trusted my instincts and given a shot/changed the site
the first time, but for some reason I didn't.  But,
this event scared me a bit, so I will be more careful
next time!!  I guess it just takes a while to find the
best infusion set/site...
Thanks for everyone's helpful hints,

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