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Re: [IP] Endo's Attitude Animas Pump

In a message dated 1/22/2002 11:13:19 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> You mentioned Animas had some special features you like with kids in mind, 
>  can you tell me what those features are that you like and find most useful?

* The lowest hour basal rate increment ( .05 units per hour -- the other 
pumps allow you to set basals in only in .10 increments -- though you can get 
all of them to effectively smaller increments by diluting your Humalog for 
really little babies/toddlers.  Even for my 11 year old daughter (5' 2" 100lb 
About 28 units a day total) we've found that the .05 increment has made a 
difference in fine-tuning her overnight basals.)

* the best waterproofing standard (my daughter virtually never disconnects 
except to change sites every three days -- for all of about 3 seconds to hook 
up to the new site -- she wears her pump in the shower, in the bath, at the 
pool, beach, etc.)

*temporary basal increases/decreases by percentage (helps make it easier to 
quickly adjust basals for changes in activity/exercise levels and/or growth 
spurts.  I think one or both of the disetronic pumps does this, but I believe 
that with MM you have to specify amounts instead of percentages -- we use the 
temp basal feature A LOT to prevent lows without having to push a lot of 
snacks when she's active)

*multiple basal profiles (up to four different basal profiles  These come in 
handy, too.  For example, when my daughter goes away for a sleep over we 
switch her to a basal profile that is 20% lower than her standard profile so 
I don't have to worry about lows during the night while she away and probably 
being extra active . . .)

* child lock out feature (an adult can "lock out" your child or, more likely, 
other children from doing anything with the pump's buttons while it is in 
this mode.  Minimed pumps have this feature.  I don't think Disetronic pumps 
do.  It's really only an issue with young children, maybe 5 and under 
depending on the child)

* most advanced occlusion detection system (especially useful for small kids 
with very low basal rates) combined with the most powerful motor (to overcome 
most occlusions)

* Performs 1,000 safety checks per minute (all the pumps perform a lot of 
safety checks, but I'm pretty sure this is the most -- may not mean anything, 
but it is reassuring to this pumpmama)

* Non-volatile memory (unlike a number of reports I've seen about MM pumps 
memories/basal profiles being wiped from static discharge -- when both in and 
out of the recommended antistatic MM case -- when doing things like play on 
McDonald land plastic slides and when batteries are being changed, the Animas 
pumps don't seem to be nearly as sensitive to this particular problem -- JMHO)

* lots of choices for optional pump covers and pump cover stickers for this 
pager-like pump (this won't matter to your endo -- but they offer a wide 
range of covers and reusable cover stickers of various designs that appeal to 
both boys & girls -- makes the pump more kid friendly. )

Pumpmama to Katie 
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