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Re: [IP] Dental Implants

>>>I recently broke a tooth that couldnt be saved. After a Dentist visit,
than consultation I got a dental implant this afternoon. My sugars are fine,
& the procedure was smooth. The Oral surgeon explained the implant fixes
itself into the healthy jaw bone & several months later an artificial tooth
is attached (crown). Has anyone (diabetes related) had this procedure?
successful or not?? Jason >>>


I have three crowns due to breaking teeth on hard candy during a hypo (and
one on a popcorn kernel). That was an expensive lesson to me to carry softer
non-fat candy ($2100.00). I don't have the implants like you describe, but
there is very little tooth left for the crowns to be cemented to. I'm a big
wimp in the dentist's chair and this better work. Don't wanna repeat it.
YMMV (~_^)

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