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[IP] Re: Paradigm

> >>I was sent a letter saying that I could attend a training sometime after
April, but that I would have to decide immediately after the training
whether I wanted the Paradigm.  I would have to turn in my MM508 before I
could receive the Paradigm. >>>

If I *know* MiniMed, they will not require you to give up your pump before
the new one arrives. What they have done in the past is to send you the new
one with return packaging and postage paid. Then you have a week or two to
return it or you will be charged a hefty sum for not returning the trade-in.
Lest anyone fear they have to be off their pump for a few days. I could be
wrong, but I justs don't see MM requiring anyone to be off until delivery.
YMMV (~_^)

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