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[IP] Not wearing a pump.

Someone wrote about some having an almost 'defiant' attitude about the pump.

I agree. 

It took long years and tears of battle before I was able to finagle a pump.
For the last eight years the pump has been a 'Badge of Honour' for me. Many
years of being told 'No, You can't, You can't, You can't' and finally being
stubborn and bi**hy enough to get what I want, I think I do have that

Granted, there are times with the pump, that my BGs do NOT listen to me,
there are times I slag off on Tests and such, but even when I'm like that,
the pump makes it easier to get back into the swing of things. IMOE I was on
the 7-8 shots a day and was a mess. When I got the pump; I have been more

True, sometimes getting depressed and fed-up over diabetes in genreral, but
I have never again had a HbA1c of 16+% like I did on shots.

We all have to do what works for us, and I feel it is no bad reflection on
anyone who may want to take a break from the pump. *I* may not want to, but
then, I AM (as the new Webster's Dictionary says) a 'Gearhead' -One who is
obsessed with technology-. I love all things 'tech' and my SO and I have a
good laugh about the 'PORG' (Pumping Org) business <G>

Jenny Sutherland
email @ redacted
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