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[IP] Chinese Food --Choice Bars

I find the best way to be safe with Chinese food is to cook it yourself.  Get 
yourself a wok and a cookbook and you are all set.  I like to cook a large 
amount of rice, eat some with the first meal and put the rest in the fridge 
to stir fry later in the week.  I like to start with onions, garlic, cut up 
peppers, snow peas and what other vegetables are handy.  I usually cut the 
meat (chicken, beef, or pork ) into little pieces and marinate it in a little 
cooking sherry and some soy sauce.  I throw it in the wok and stir fry it.  
When the smoke detector goes off and the dog runs down the steps to the 
basement, the food is done and ready to eat.
I also wanted to say that I like the Choice Bars for taking care of BGs over 
a period of time. Maybe overnight or even when walking at the Mall.   
Sometimes 1/2 a bar is enough.  I have found the best prices on these to be 
at WalMart.  Glucerna Bars are also good.
Jim Durr
pumping for a year, 45 years on insulin, waiting for the cure
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