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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #61

In a message dated 1/22/2002 5:30:29 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

>  had been using MM sils for about 3 months when I started having many 
> problems with the cannula becoming bent sometime after insertion.  (These 
> are the newer sils with the gray introducer needle).  I mentioned this to a 
> MM rep and he said he has only recently started hearing from many people 
> having this same problem.  Has anyone else experienced this, esp. with the 
> "new" sils with the gray introducer needle?

You should ask MM if these sets are made by a new manufacturer (other than 
Maersk).  That may be part of the problem since some other people seem to be 
having the same problem.   When I was on a MM pump about 9 years ago, MM 
changed manufacturers of their set at the time.  I had problems and 
ultimately had to change sets.   Also you can try the tender (sold by 
Disetronic) or the comfort (sold by Chronimed).   These are the same set, 
made by the same manufacturer, with just a different name.
To the lady who asked "why go on a pump if your A1c is 6?".   Based on my 
experiences you can have a good A1C but not be in good control.  For instance 
you might be going from 40 to 280 yet your average is 120.   A pump will help 
those people narrow their ranges but may not help improve their A1c.   Also a 
pump will give a person more flexibility in terms of lifestyle and will 
deliver a much more precise basal amount of insulin.   

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