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I can't imagine life without my pump.  The only time I am NOT connected is 
when I am in the shower, and that is only for about 1/2 hour a day.  When I 
get dressed in the morning for work, I put it on just like I put on a pair of 
panies and a bra.  It is just oart of me and I would not want to go back to 
sticking myself several time a day.  I have only given 2 or 3 shots since 
being on the pump (since March 31, 2001).  My life is so much better and more 
predictable now.  I don't have to guess if I can wait another hour to eat if 
I want, I don't have to snack between every meal and I can eat more of the 
things that I want to instead of what I "need" to eat.  If I don't want to or 
don't feel like eating 4 carb exchanges er meal - I don't have to anymore!!!  
I can eat so much less and not have to stuff myself full of all this food 
that my body doesn't need anymore - I am eating for me now, not my insulin.
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