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[IP] Endos/Nurses Attitude

The winner is the endo's attitude, but nurse's attitudes
can NOT be forgotten. My wife developed type-2 diabetes
and started with a MD, not an endo, because he was booked
up. After two months he (my endo) could start seeing my
wife, and last week I went with her. At the end of the
meeting I asked the endo if he could re-write a the
prescription he already wrote for me, a month ago, because
Walgreens lost the one I gave to them and - worse - the
nurse called in saying that the prescription was for 500
test strips a month, when was written on the prescription
600, the new value. I already was receiving 500 a month,
so I wouldn't need a new prescription for 500... duh
The doctor said to the nurse to take care of it, when she
started saying that insurance companies call her all the
time saying that they are asking for too many strips, and
bla bla bla, and the maximum is 300 strips a month. It
annoys me because during my last visit they download the
data from my glucometer and they saw 750 tests a month -
25 a day. And the nurse kept saying that insurance this,
insurance that, and bla bla bla - it was evident she was
avoiding work, not acting as a nurse. Everyone's different -
I do not test 10 times a day, I test 25. The nurse was
looking at me with the same look she had when, measuring
my wife's blood pressure, we asked her if they do measure
the leg's blood pressure... Duhhh no.
Some nurses are more than terrific - they go beyond their
job and try hard to help and make it happen. Although few
just say duhhh.
Carlos Augusto
Orlando, FL
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