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Re: [IP] MM sils and Quick Sets

<< But, I have been trying to start using my upper butt area, but find that 
the cannula often gets bent directly next to the hub part that sticks to your 
skin.  Does anyone else have problems with this? This may be because there is 
not enough fat in the area... I assume it is because the area gets bumped 
more often that my stomach.  Also, specifcally what area do you have the best 
luck with, i.e. to avoid sitting/laying on the area?
Thanks-Katy >>


I find that the cannula gets bent more often when I use my upper butt--and I 
think it's because it gets knocked around a lot more when taking jeans 
on/off.  When I use my upper hip I have no problem with bumping it and I've 
noticed that the cannula is straight when I take it out.

BTW, even when I remove a site and I see the cannula is bent, I haven't had 
that affect my BGs.  As long as the adhesive stays good and stuck (and that's 
not a problem with the QuickSets, in my experience), it seems the insulin is 
still getting delivered on schedule. YMMV

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