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RE: [IP] Re: not wearing the pump

A question:

What is the need for a pump if you have A1c figures around 6.0 on a regular

I guess there are 3 issues:

1 - Is a pump needed to maintain control?

2 - Are you happier being tied to a box of electrickery all day or do you
prefer jabbing 4-6 times a day? That is a matter of choice.

3 - What are the funding impacts in each person's situation.

Each decision is a different combination of these - or so it seems to me.


Who gets really irritated with all this stuff about "the pump" as if there
was only one in existence that everyone is sharing (8;-(

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> << > I get tired of wearing glasses too. But, I still wear 
> them every day
> The difference is:  you NEED your glasses to see.  I don't 
> NEED my pump as 
> long as I can take shots to serve the same purpose.  >>
> Please don't take this the wrong way...but...if you don't 
> NEED the pump why 
> do you pump?  I am so very nearsighted that I have to have 
> two pair of 
> glasses by my bed so that I can be able to see well when I 
> wake up in the 
> morning.  I don't need the glasses because I could just 
> muddle along in a 
> foggy world, not seeing things correctly, but just kind of 
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