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[IP] Re: Endo's Attitude

I think one of the most important relationships a diabetic can have is with 
his/her endo.  You definitely need to find someone who is willing to work 
with you, not against you.  I've lived in three different states and I always 
make it a priority to find out about endos in the new area before I ever 
move.  Some people deal well with the drill sergeant personality.  I don't.  
I always try to interview my prospective endo and find out from his/her 
patients as much as I can about how I will be treated.  If I don't get along 
well and with them, I go to the next one.  

Some of my favorite endos are diabetic and wear pumps themselves.  They seem 
to know a little bit more what it is like dealing with a condition day in and 
day out for years...and are not usually ones that will come down hard on your 
head unless you really need it.  I currently drive across the state line to 
an endo in Columbus, GA.  I could drive 30 minutes to the next town, but I 
haven't found an endo in that particular city that has a very good reputation 
of working well with people.

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