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Re: [IP] Re: not wearing the pump

In a message dated 1/21/02 7:34:04 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< > I get tired of wearing glasses too. But, I still wear them every day

The difference is:  you NEED your glasses to see.  I don't NEED my pump as 
long as I can take shots to serve the same purpose.  >>

Please don't take this the wrong way...but...if you don't NEED the pump why 
do you pump?  I am so very nearsighted that I have to have two pair of 
glasses by my bed so that I can be able to see well when I wake up in the 
morning.  I don't need the glasses because I could just muddle along in a 
foggy world, not seeing things correctly, but just kind of making it anyhow.  
I, too, did MDI of 8 - 10 shots per day for 4 years because I am so brittle. 
And the pump still does not completely keep it in control.  But it is better. 
I guess you could say I don't need the pump either since I could go back to 
that same old routine of 10 fingersticks a day and 10 shots a day.  But why 
would I want to give up the one thing that gives me hope of having a near 
normal life without my every waking minute being consumed with "how high am I 
now, is it safe to eat now, where can I find somewhere to test and take a 
shot now, how long do I wait before I can eat now, etc...  Although I have 
only been pumping for 6 months I don't personally foresee any circumstance 
where I would voluntarily give up pumping to go to the old routine.  I did my 
crying, threw my fits, and fought with God about coming to this point during 
my first month with the pump. I have modified clothing and other things to 
accommodate "TheBorg".  I have assimilated it into my life just as it has 
assimilated me into its routine.  As for me, we are one - love me, love my 
portable pancreas (?)- resistance is futile.

Whitney and "TheBorg"
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