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Re: [IP] MM sils and Quick Sets

I have been on the sils for about the same time. As soon as I started
getting the ones with the grey intro needles, I have been having
problems. I can feel the cannula most of the time, and sometimes it
hurts. I don't use an inserter, and have problems getting it through my
skin. They seem duller. I just ordered Quicksets, so, wish me luck!



> > I had been using MM sils for about 3 months when I started having
many problems with the cannula becoming bent sometime after insertion.
(These are the newer sils with the gray introducer needle). I mentioned
this to a MM rep and he said he has only recently started hearing from
many people having this same problem. Has anyone else experienced this,
esp. with the "new" sils with the gray introducer needle? >Also, after
having so many problems with the sils, I have switched to the QuickSets,
6mm cannula. I am pretty thin and generally have no problems with sites
in my stomach. But, I have been trying to start using my upper butt area,
but find that the cannula often gets bent directly next to the hub part
that sticks to your skin. Does anyone else have problems with this? This
may be because there is not enough fat in the area... I assume it is
because the area gets bumped more often that my stomach. Also,
specifcally what area do you have the best luck with, i.e. to avoid
sitting/laying on the area? >Thanks-Katy > > >
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