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Re: [IP] Changing to the Paradigm

<< Hi!      To those of you who have upgraded to the Paradigm,  aside from 
inconvieniences mentioned,   are you happy with it?  I haven't started 
pumping yet, but I have a coupon to upgrade from the 508, once I get it, and 
wanted to know if I should.  Thanks!  Debz >>

Hi Debz,

No one has upgraded to the Paradigm yet; it's not available until around 
June.  I was sent a letter saying that I could attend a training sometime 
after April, but that I would have to decide immediately after the training 
whether I wanted the Paradigm.  I would have to turn in my MM508 before I 
could receive the Paradigm.

Go ahead and send in the coupon, because the deadline for sending it in is 
Feb. 28.  That keeps your options open--and you can always attend the 
training later in the year to learn more, and to decide whether you want to 
switch.  I have no idea whether I'm going to switch--will just have to see 
how I feel after the training.

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