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RE: [IP] Endo's Attitude (Re: kids, attitudes, and testing)

Absolutely, I was afraid to say anything because she made me feel guilty and
I would cry thinking I wasn't taking good care of my daughter after all.
But then i started to realize that the one with the problem was the doctor.
Especially after my daughter got upset after she accused her of sneaking
snacks.  Next time I see her I will stick up for myself and daughter.  As a
matter of fact if I wouldn't be on the internet learning about diabetes and
how tohelp my daughter she would never have told me of the pump.  I was the
one that brought it up and she was hesitant.  She said she didn't think my
daughter was ready and I said Oh yes she is.

When I see her next month I am going to bring up the pardigm pump to see
what she has to say about it.  thanks for your reply.

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> Elizabeth,
>   That is SOOO important with ANY doc that is taking care of your
> child(ren)  
> Let them know up front that YOU are incharge and will not tolerate crappy 
> attitudes let along crappy care.  If that is all this lady wants to give
> then 
> by all means go get one who cares!
>     As for the Paradigm pump, which is suppose to be the newest version of
> MM 
> pump with supposed free upgrade from 508, there are some features that
> people 
> find attractive but the design is faulty at best, says die-hard MM fans,
> and 
> it is making some of those fans leave MM.  The Animas pump is the newest 
> company on the market, a little over 2 years now and their pump includes
> all 
> the features that the Dis and MM both have all in one, plus some added 
> features designed with kids in mind.  I hope to get Josh upgraded to that 
> pump in another few years after warranty runs out.  Check them both out at
> their web sites
>     www.minimed.com
>     www.animascorp.com   -they have a virtual pump you can actually push  
> buttons and program on the computer.  They have it on CD in their info 
> packets too!
> Good luck!
> Sylvia
> mom to Joshua
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