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[IP] Re: Weird Absorptions

I just wanted to ask if anyone else experiences weird absorptions.... when I
have my pump in my belly it seems that I am fine but when putting it in my leg
I tend to run much higher.  I saw my endo today and he says it shouldn't
matter.  I keep very good records, BG's, CARBS, HBS corrections, etc.,  I
check my sugar in the morning when I get up, before each meal, 3 hours after
each meal, and at bedtime.  I count each carbohydrate I put in my mouth.  (Or,
at least I try)  When my pump is in my leg I run high and it stays high until
I put it back in my belly.  Am I crazy???  I have been on the pump just over a
year (this time) and only recently, in the past 3 months, started using my
upper thigh.  I always used my belly and back side for my sights.  I developed
adhesive capsulitis and cannot reach my backside anymore.  Also, after
removing the "needle" from my leg I have a hard knot for a few days.  Any
suggestions from all you pro's out there??? Tina Duncan
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