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[IP] Adhesive dissolving solutions

Hi everyone:

I'm still having some problems with my super-sensitive skin and adhesives.
I cannot wear either polyskin or tegaderm and all "regular" adhesives make
my skin red and inflamed if I stand too close to them :)

IV 3000, Op-site and transpore (roll-type) tape are well tolerated, BUT,
when I peel them off...I get a perfect impression in pink from exactly where
they were removed.  This rash (which is not itchy) lasts about 10 days and
is especially noticeable right after I bathe.

Someone had posted a list of chemicals which dissolve adhesives/tapes.  I
misplaced this list.  Would you kindly post the options again.  As well,
does anyone have any other suggestions about adhesive tapes/tape removers?
IV Prep, BARD barrier and Uni-solve seem rather pricey...are they, or
something else, available in a liquid form (might use less that
way...besides...better for the environment to do away with some of the

Thanks for your advice and suggestions!
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