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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #59

> > But the Leur Lock connection will not be the same for the waterproofness
> >  be there. That means the existing sets cannot be used in a pool. I am
> >  trusting MiniMed will NOT discontinue our options of getting the 508
> >  with its DESIRED (by me) clicking step-motor.
> No worries on that count either .  .  . I believe it was the same chat
> transscript and the same Minimed High MucketyMuck that said they were
> to release Paradigm versions of the Sils, QS & SS was quick to add
> reassurances that they would continue to produce those same sets in
> non-Paradigm versions for a long time to come as the user base for those
> would continue to be much larger than that of the Paradigm user base for
> quite a long time . . . won't be that way forever of course, but I'd
> that it will be a loooong time . . .
> Lyndy

Let me clarify a tad further on what I meant: Let's say a Paradigm user has
several boxes of Leur Lock sets left over from their previous pump. Now, do
they use them and have to do an early site changeout if going swimming since
the waterproofness won't be guaranteed with those sets - or give them
away???? Will MM take trade ins on those sets for the Paradigm versions?
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