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No Subject

Hi All!     With the talk about going off the pump, I remember that when
I was at a meeting one of the reps, a pumper herself said every once in a
while she would take a "pump vacation" meaning going off the pump. I
personally have never taken one, but I would opt for a diabetes vacation,
and go off the diabetes for a break once in a while..... not without
stable controlled blood sugars, mind you, I am not ready for a dka
vacation!  But when I went on the pump (almost 2 years now) I remember
them saying to remember your amounts of insulin so you could go to the
shots if need be. I don't want to have to figure all that out, so it
wouldn't be a vacation to take shots and then go back to the pump.
        When I tried to wear contact lenses I couldn't seem to keep them
in long enough to get me used to them. I think if I didn't keep wearing
the pump and took it off I would be the same way, and not put it back on.
I love the freedom the pump gives me, and the control, if I could have
gotten that off the pump easily I wouldn't be on it. But I notice it less
and less as time goes by, it is a part of me now, and we do alright, but
I never thought of a name for it, nor have I ever named a car. I guess we
are all YMMV.                                                                           
Love you all,                                                                                  


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