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[IP] Not wearing the pump

   Here I was sure I was the only one who felt that way.  Back in December, I 
was so sick and tired of checking BG 10x's a day and only sometimes coming up 
with decent numbers that I went to see a new endo in Little Rock, AR.  After 
ranting and griping for some time he very sweetly said, "Well, if that is 
what you want to do, you may."  He gave me a bottle of Lantus and Novolog and 
told me how I needed to use it.'
Well, that was on a Friday morning.  I was thrilled, couldn't wait to get 
this blankety blank thing off and be free of it.
Well, by Sunday afternoon I had had my fill of MDI.  It was so inconvenient 
having to carry all the supplies, finding a place to inject, etc.
I retrieved my pump once again, told my husband that he will never again hear 
me b---- about this pump.  Did I ever learn my lesson?  I had forgotten what 
a hassle it was doing the injections.  Since then (now this may cause some 
discussion) the Dr. said to stop checking so much as it was making me a 
nervous, depressed diabetic. He now has me checking before every meal and at 
bedtime and doing any corrections at that time.  I do check it if I am up 
during the night and it has been really great all night.  I also can go all 
day without eating and having no problems till around 3 p.m.   Finally, I am 
not depressed over this disease.  I no longer allow it to take up every 
minute of my days but focus on more positive things.  Does anyone know what I 
am talking about?  This is working so much better for me.  Jackie P (on her 
way toe St. Thomas, VI in 3 days!)
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