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[IP] Re: insulin, an anabolic steroid (was digest V5#41)

P. Redmond said:

>>one of my insulin pump nurses told me when I first got on the pump that 
Humulog was an anabolic steroid.  I was concerned because I began to gain 
weight whenI first got on the pump.  Can this synthetic insulin be part of 
the problem?<<

Insulin is NOT an anabolic steroid. It is an anabolic hormone. This means 
that it is a hormone that helps build tissue. We ALL need insulin to use ALL 
the food we eat.
When you don't have insulin, or not enough of it, or defective insulin, then 
you are not building body tissue normally. It is insulin that moves protein 
and fat into the cells, and it is insulin that helps move glucose into the 
cells to be used for energy or stored for later (when not eating or when 
energy needs increase.)

If you eat more food than is used for energy, the rest is stored (if and only 
if, there is the enough insulin to promote that use and storage) and if never 
used later, then weight gain is the result.  Many people with Type 1 are 
underweight from not having the right amount of insulin at the right time, 
and from having high BGs and either not using the food consumed or from using 
up the stored form to keep the brain supplied with glucose when hypoglycemia 
is present.  Diabetes is a starvation state...when the BGs are high. The food 
is sitting in the blood, and the cells are starving. 

If there is too much insulin in your system then you over-eat to prevent lows 
or you feed the lows. If gaining weight with any insulin, then something 
needs an adjustment...the food intake or energy expenditure (output).

It may not be the insulin analog that is the problem, but the amount you 
take, or the amount matched to the intake of food.

As always, YMMV.

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