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Re: Re: [IP] Medic Alert Scam

> From: Glenda Strickland <email @ redacted>
> When I first heard of Medic Alert, I was impressed by their commitment
> to service and dependability, but the above experience and some
> additional problems I had in updating my information left me not really
> feeling comfortable with them.  Of course, YMMV!

I have had various Rx's over the years, and when I had DM 29 yrs the doc
insisted I have a bracelet. As meds changed or added, I would update my
Medic Alert info with their yearly request. However, they would repeat the
items I took off which meant keeping some on I was no longer using and
duplicating others I was but perhaps in diff. strengths. It was a jumbled
mess. This happened each time I would update my info. I quit updating years
ago and hope that the bracelet saying Diabetes, uses insulin pump engraved
on it will be enough. YMMV (~_^)

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