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[IP] Re: Support Group Burnout

In a message dated 1/21/02 5:03:43 PM Pacific Standard Time, Sylvia writes:

> But you know, I've tried to make them less 
> 'formal' and more just talking and these people out here don't seem to be 
> interested.  So, I've decided to just have the 'meetings' when we have the 
> kids parties and be done with it.

Sylvia, maybe this has something to do with it--I mean bringing the kids 
along.  Many people don't have a trusted person to leave their DM kids with.  
In the town where Claire was dx, the diabetes association arranged the parent 
support group and kids were welcome.  A couple of the older DM kids kept the 
little ones in a separate room doing crafts, showing movies and my kids loved 
going.  The kids were free to come into the room and tell Mum or Dad "I'm 
low" and to meet others who tested, did shots etc.  WIthout that, I wouldn't 
have attended, as I had no one to leave Claire with.    Just a thought.
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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