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Re: [IP] Medic Alert Scam


Your experience with Medic Alert didn't surprise me!  I had been a
card-carrying, bracelet-wearing member since 1982 until I attempted to
get my daughter a bracelet and membership in 1993.  I got an
application in a  box of bg strips.  It had an entire application in
miniature, so I got a larger application at the docs, filled it out and
stapled the two together.  The small application had a $5 discount on
it, so I filled out the check for $5 less than the regular fee.  I
received a letter back asking for 5 extra bucks.  I called to explain
that I had paid what had been asked on the smaller application.  The
operator told me that I had filled out the bigger application which
cost $5 more!  I told them that I wanted to be sure the information was
correct, so as to avoid mistakes which would cost them money and me
time!  Too bad, they said!  They spent lots more than $5 sending
numerous requests for the money!

When I first heard of Medic Alert, I was impressed by their commitment
to service and dependability, but the above experience and some
additional problems I had in updating my information left me not really
feeling comfortable with them.  Of course, YMMV!


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