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Re: [IP] Changing to the Paradigm

<< The new Paradigm pump poses no inconveniences for me as I change the 
resevoir with every infusion set anyway.  Am I the only one who does this or 
are there others out there too? >>

Hi Gina,

I do the same thing you do, but once I joined this list I heard about people 
changing the infusion set and the syringe at different times.  I tried it, 
but I was always having some unexplained highs. (I'm sure that was just user 
error, because no one else seemed to have a problem.)  For me, it also wasn't 
worth trying to track two separate events--changing the infusion set and 
changing the syringe (well, that's a little easier because you run out).

>From my correspondences with various people, I think a lot of them do it 
because they have to pay 20% or more for supplies, and this helps them use 
less.  My insurance pays 100% so that's not a concern for me.

As far as switching to the Paradigm, I plan to attend the 
orientation/training for it in April--but if I can't stay with my QuickSets, 
I'm outta there!  LOL

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