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[IP] Changing to the Paradigm

I've been pumping since March 31, 2001 and love everything about it.  It 
sounds to me like a lot of you load as much insulin in your resevoir and use 
that same resevoir until the insulin is gone?  

I only load 120 units in my resevoir for a 2 day supply and I change my 
resevoir when I change my infusion site.  I had 1 no delivery alarm when I 
used the same resevoir for more than 3 days and when I took it out of the 
pump and pushed on the plunger, I found it to be stuck.  It was like it had 
been Crazy Glued in the position that it was in and would not dispense any 
insulin.  I find that 120 units gives me enough to prime the line and also 
for the 5 units or so that it takes for the pump to prime itself before 
inserting the infusion set.  I have only gotten 1 or 2 low resevoir alarms 
and it was usually on a morning that I was going to insert a new set anyway.

The new Paradigm pump poses no inconveniences for me as I change the resevoir 
with every infusion set anyway.  Am I the only one who does this or are there 
others out there too?

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