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Re: [IP] Re: Novolog

> I've been pumping since July of 2001~I've been using Novolog since
> June.  I'm having trouble with it, and was wondering if anyone had a
> similar experience. 
>  I do well with it as long as I don't go high.  But if I go high,
>  either 
> because I messed up my meal bolus or if I'm ill or hormonal, I can't
> bring my blood sugar down with a correction bolus.  Last night my bg
> was 321~I bolused 5.7 units of Novolog and two hours later I'd only
> come down 20 points.  I had the same trouble when I was ill.  It
> seems to especially be a problem at night~maybe I'm more insulin
> resistant at night.  In the morning my blood sugar isn't that
> bad~this morning 148.  I bolused for decaf coffee with cream and
> even ended up going a little low.  I'm not sure what to do.  My goal
> is not to go high, but sometimes its not in my control.  Any
> suggestions would be appreciated.

What was your experience with Humalog??
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