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Re: [IP] Public Swimming & Pumping?

> Another question....
> Robbie has been invited to a swimming party at a public pool this
> afternoon. How do you handle public swimming and pumping?  I was
> going to do a site change after the swim and disconnect completely. 
> We are using QuickSets. Should I disconnect and leave the site in? 
> Or, should I totally remove the site?  Any help would be
> appreciated...

Just disconnect and put the pump away. It should be in something that 
is not exposed to direct sunlight as this will heat whatever you've 
stored it in.

Leave the site alone. If he swims all day, he can check every now and 
then and bolus to correct any high bg -- or if he wishes to snack. 
This has been our summer routine for years. Many times the extra 
exercise and cold water means very little if any insulin is needed 
while the pump is off.

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