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Re: [IP] Strange Absorption

> Help!  My son has had a really strange week or BGs.  He keeps having
> highs, but if you fix them, he crashes and has to replace all the
> insulin from the high bolus with glucose/carbs approximately an hour
> later.  I'm not talking little highs I'm talking upper 200's
> (260-299).  These highs are showing approximately 3hours post meal
> bolus. 

Sounds like the insulin is being absorbed more slowly than the food. 
Is he bolusing after he eats?? I recall when Lily had this kind of 
problem. I encouraged her to bolus at least half of her meal plan 
as or before she began eating. This allowed her the flexibility 
eating as much/little as she wanted and still grazing afterwards. 
Pretty much solved the problem. Dunno if this is similar to what you 
are experiencing.

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