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Re: [IP] chinese food/avoiding highs

> At 4 a.m., my bg was 310 !!!!!I
> > guess there was lotsa fat in 
> > the dish. It's SO difficult to get a good idea of
> > Chinese food. 
> If you have a hard time with Chinese food, try to not
> use any of the sauces at all. They're loaded with
> corn-starch and sugar, and other things that somehow
> render insulin useless ;)
> I've given up on Chinese. O


Chinese food like any other contains carbs, oils, etc... If you eat 
regularly at the same Chinese resturants, you can approach it just 
like pizza. Details:
Most stir fry is cooked in peanut and sesame oil -- the sauces 
contain liberal amounts of either arrow-root or cornstarch. When this 
is bound in the cooking oil, the release characteristic of the 
carb->glucose is much like you see with pizza and a square wave or 
delayed bolus is usually warranted and will work quite well. Carbs 
can be hard to judge, but once established for a particular resturant 
will probably work for most foods served there cooked in a similar 
way -- they tend to make all the sauces in the same manner. It works 
for the local resturants around our house, it should work for you. 
That's not to say that Lily does not have the occasional high after 
chinese food, but she knows that she needs to check a couple of hours 
post-prandial and make an adjustment if necessary. 

Food is part of enjoying life, there is no reason why a particular 
cusine should be on the "banned" list, just take the time to figure 
out the carb content and "duration" and enjoy.....

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