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Re: [IP] Children pumpers and snowskiing

> Trina,
>   Sounds like this might be a trial and error situation but it will
>   be a good 
> learning situation for you too, especially Jake.  If skiing is
> something he will be doing in the future then he really should
> experiment to see what will work for him best.  If he disconnects
> and skiis he will want to stop every once in awhile and check BGs,
> reconnect and bolus if necessary.  Some people say that they will
> bolus for missed basal, say for an hour, disconnect and go because
> the activity will help keep them stable.  I don't know how Jake
> reacts to exercise in the cold but the cold will excellerate the
> burning of calories so he will want to watch out for this.  

Lily skis and snowboards -- she's at Magic Mountain with friends 
this weekend. She has always just worn her pump like usual, even 
when she was much younger. She carries some glucose gel (for rescue) 
and glucose tabs (for her) and her meter in a pocket. She always 
fights me (even at 18) about carrying the meter, but she doesn't 
fight very hard since she knows she may need it. The most important 
thing is to make sure shoes/boots fit well and gloves are not too 
tight -- this will restrict circulation to toes and fingers and make 
hands and feet cold -- not good if you need to test. The real 
expensive gloves and mittens do a good job of keeping hands warm.

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