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Re: [IP] Support Group Burnout


  I can totally relate to your burnout.  I'm the local group leader for 
families with D. kids.  I have tried to put a shot in the arm (sorry about 
the pun!) into this group because 4 years ago after Josh's dx I was REALLY 
needing some place to go to share my thoughts and frustrations.  I was hooked 
up with this group and it was worthless.  They met only 2-3 times a year and 
those were 'meetings', where we sat and listened to a speaker and went home.  
No one seemed interested in sharing thoughts or feelings, frustrations or 
anything else.  After about a year of this the gal who was running it asked 
if I wold be interested in taking over so I did.  Well, after 2 or 3 (can't 
remember) more years of trying to shoot this group up I've come to the 
realization that they aren't interested.  I'm sure Kerri will be able to 
confirm this.  I have 56 members on my mailing list.  I send out meeting 
and/or party announcements to all of them, mostly at my expense, although our 
local hospital who sponsors us does pay for snail mail postage.  And I might 
get anywhere from 2- 5 people to show up.  We have sponsored kids parties 
atleast 2 times a year (Easter, Halloween) and I might get more people then 
because of bringing their kids.  But you know, I've tried to make them less 
'formal' and more just talking and these people out here don't seem to be 
interested.  So, I've decided to just have the 'meetings' when we have the 
kids parties and be done with it.

mom to Joshua
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