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RE: [IP] Support Group Burnout


and remember that as your team grows (if it does <g>) you have to step back
from the coal face and change your role to be a manager/organiser/watcher of
the "vision". Or get somebody else to do it.

This seems to be something that you guys are better at than us Brits -
developing an organisation from a mom 'n' pop operation to a national setup
while it is lead by the same person.

We (with a few exceptions) don't seem to function really well at more
strategic levels as an organisation develops.

> Sent: 21 January 2002 18:31
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: RE: [IP] Support Group Burnout 
> Those are all good points, Julian. To sum it up in three 
> words: Delegate,
> Delegate, Delegate. (~_^)
> ======================
> Been there done that!
> I'd suggest four points:
> 1 - Pacing (e.g., meet monthly not weekly). Choose an 
> appropriate frequency.
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