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RE: [IP] Support Group Burnout

Those are all good points, Julian. To sum it up in three words: Delegate,
Delegate, Delegate. (~_^)

Been there done that!

I'd suggest four points:

1 - Pacing (e.g., meet monthly not weekly). Choose an appropriate frequency.

2 - Teamwork - getting lots of people to do things. Don't get on the "we
gotta do this" treadmill, so you end up doing everything. Accept that some
good things can only happen if the people are there.

3 - Decide on your limits (e.g., define how long you will do a position for
when you start it). Then stick to them.

4 - Remember that if you let yourself get burnt out then you are less useful
than if you gave up your role.

I've learned....  That life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it
gets to the  end, the faster it goes.  ~ Andy Rooney
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