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Re: [IP] Support Group Burnout

Since we've been talking about support groups, I thought this might be a 
good time to throw this one out there for some input.

I've been invited to a pump support group in my local area.  As much as I 
know it will be worthwhile to talk to others, and share ideas, I'm afraid of 
getting burned out.

I lead a support group for several years (not diabetes related, a different 
disability), and found myself completely burned out by the experience.  I 
had to quit the group, and now (as much asI hate to say it) I don't even 
want to identify myself as ever having been part of the group to begin with. 
  I just resent it that much.

Can anyone give some tips on how to deal with Support-Group Burn Out?  (To 
relate this to the IP list:  the stress of meetings made my sugar nuts after 
a while, because it wasn't fun anymore.)

email @ redacted

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