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[IP] Re:Kim and her foot problem

Hi, Kim -

Well, all I know is that every foot issue I've ever had takes a very long
time to resolve itself.  The latest is a slight fracture to the right big
toe, which happened LAST MARCH.  Went to the podiatrist, he taped the toe,
for a while I couldn't wear regular shoes, but the pain went away.  Now,
close to a year later, the toe is STILL SWOLLEN AND STILL REDDER than the
others. I'm able to wear any shoes I want, though.   I've called the Dr.
about it and he explained that sometimes it takes up to a year for a broken
bone to heal, especially for a diabetic.  Natch.  We always get the good

So I have a feeling my "fat toe" will be with me a very long time....It's
ugly, but it works.

Best wishes,
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