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Re: [IP] Support Group Ideas (short)

That's an interesting thought George. I was wondering about the "Support" in
the name.While, no doubt,  it is partially for support, non-pumpers who see
that may be wondering if pumping is really so difficult that it requires a
support group, and then get scared away or lose interest. Maybe something
like "Insulin Pump Knowledge Group" or Insulin Users Interest Group or some
variation of those would be better?

<<<I have a question about the name used for these groups.  My interest is
in having all diabetics come to the group for general support, and meeting
with those that are
currently using the pump.  My thinking goes that if the group is named
"Insulin Users Support Group" that those doing MDI would be more likely to
attend and meet with
pumpers, and would be more likely to investigate pumping for their own
therapy.  Does anyone else have a more "creative" name for their support

George   :>)   <the pumping proselytizer> >>>

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