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[IP] Strange Fever

Hi everyone

I have this situation here and would like your opinion.
   Ok it all started yesterday morning around 11 am. I started to have pms 
cramps which is normal ( im 3 days late anyways) so i thought it was Pms. 
That lasted until about 5 pm. The cramps stopped and then my back from my 
ribs up to my neck started to burn.. like your muscles do when you use them 
too much. I have had this before but not this bad! This was awful. I tried 
stretching, laying down, tylenol. It wouldnt go away. 
Around 8 oclock i went home and had a shower thinking the water would help it 
go away. The water did help and about 1/2 the pain went away. But in place of 
the pain my skin and whole body started to hurt. 
   This is around 9 oclock now.. so i took my temperature. It was 37.7 ( 
99.86 F). i figured it was high because of the shower.
   About 45 minutes later i took it again and it was 37.9 ( 100.22 F).
   I took another tylenol and woke up around 12 am. I ate some soup and felt 
better. I was really cold though and a little sleepy.
   Through out the night- my temperature fluctuated between 38.4 and 38,9 ( 
101.12 F - 102.02).
   All through the night i was freezing- must have been the fever. I have 
never had a fever before ( well in at least 10 years).
   OK my question is does anyone know what the heck this could be?
   I am planning on going to the doctors today because my temp now is going 
down! It is 37.8 (100.04)2nd - what should i do for a fever before i can get 
to a doctor?
One good note is my blood sugars stayed normal the past 24 hours :) 
   Thanks for the help and hope no one else has to go through this!
Jenn Hughes 

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