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Re: [IP] Advant Edge Carb control bar

In a message dated 1/20/02 7:25:14 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< I don't like to take the time to sit down and eat!  I like to pick and that

makes for poor control even with pump...so I bolus a little here and a

little there to cover what I pick...not a good way to live but I'm not

hungry and sometimes just want something...

For fun???  Let's see, I LOVE to read!  And I crochet and when weather

permits, garden...and I also tutor children in reading, writing and

math...do lots of volunteer work in my daugher's classroom with her lower

kids.... >>

Your nobility knows no end! Even your fun time involves doing good :-)
Never thought about what a pain it must be for "pickers" to be diabetic. You 
remind me of my non-diabetic brother who actually told me once that he wishes 
there were a pill he could take in place of eating so that he didn't have to 
hassle food. I just can't relate. I love food. I've never been a picker. My 
parents never had to tell me to clean my plate. I'm surprised I don't have a 
real weight problem.
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