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[IP] Re: Children Pumpers and snowskiing

> We are going skiing next month for the first time since Jake started pumping 
> and I was wondering if people think it's better to set temp basals while 
> skiing or disconnect? We are having problems after disconnecting sometime( 
> I 
> think air bubbles he can't see), but I hate to mess w/ basals when he is 
> doing so perfect.BUT again, he tends to go really low w/ exercise and even 
> hours after it. 

Hi Trena,
     This autumn we moved across the country and now live near a major ski 
resort.  The boys in our family are experienced skiiers, but myself and 
Claire were beginners.  What I have found about downhill skiing, is that it 
really isn't much exercise.  Well, it sure beats sitting around watching TV, 
but the hardest thing is walking through the parking lot wearing your boots 
and carrying the skis.  Claire has not gone low skiing, and we have gone at 
least once a week since early November (early season this year).  In fact a 
number of times I find she is much higher than I expect.  I think it is the 
adrenalin rush--she has progressed very well and now leaves me to do the 
green runs alone while she goes down the blue and even some black runs. It 
was after these steep ones that she was high.  Most other exercise will drop 
her bgs, especially swimming pools and playgrounds.
     We check her bg when we arrive at the slope.  I will leave her at 180, 
but if she is higher we may bolus .5.  Then she checks every couple of hours 
when we take a break.  I now carry the strips and meter in my ski pants 
pocket, which then has my jacket on top, so no problem with the cold.  
     I do worry that she could become separated from us and go low and become 
confused etc.  Its very easy to get lost on the mountain.  But seeing as I'm 
by far the worst skiier in my family, its hard for me to watch all my 
children!!  So just make sure that Jake always has a skiing buddy watching 
out for him.
     Regarding problems after disconnects--does Jake prime one unit before he 
re-connects?  I find with the Quick-sets, that is what we need to do--make 
sure you can see a little drop of insulin coming out, before reconnecting.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7 
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