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[IP] No highs w/ Mt Dew - yet slow carbs = big high

Association issued new dietary guidelines Wednesday saying that people with
the disease can eat sweets occasionally as long as they keep their blood
sugar levels under control.

Kap can drink Mt. Dew and stay 100s, yet if he eats slow carbs - even with 
large bolus, he goes high, and I mean truly high 500s.  We have pre-double 
bolused and watch for crash average 3 hours later.  This does ok, 200s but 
you can count on the crash 3 - 4 hours later.
There is something we are missing with his body and food, yet I am clueless.
Sometimes I am at the point of serving sweets (fast carbs)  for dinner with 
no slow carbs.  But the mom in me can't bring myself to do it.  So we 
continue to search, count, test and pray.
Any sugguestions would be wonderful.
email @ redacted, Mom to Kap age 11, pumping 2 years Tuesday.
Disetronic pump: Should not it be beeping for check-up, I need to pull the 
manual out, because I was thinking it needed a check up after 18 months.
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