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Re: [IP] Re: Animas

Ditto to what Allen said. Jennifer (13) has been on her Animas pump for 
13 months now. From the beginning, I was impressed with Animas customer 
service and that is why we decided to go with them. The pump is 
waterproof, has never malfunctioned, and we have received 2 free 
upgrades (new software with more features) without requesting them.

Remember the old Avis ads, "We try harder"? Animas is the new kid on the 
block and is winning customers in this competitive market with an 
excellent product and excellent service. We are very happy.


Allen wrote:

>I have had my Animas pump for two months now.  They were very non-intrusive
>or pushy when I was deciding which pump I wanted.  They follow-up with me
>frequently to see if I have any problems (which I haven't).  I picked the
>Animas pump because it had all of the features I wanted and I thought it
>incorporated the best features of the Minimed and the Disetronic.  Plus, I
>really like the fact that it is waterproof.  I can't say enough about their
>customer service.  Everyone from their salespeople, insurance people, CDE's,
>etc......have been helpful and have gone out of their way to answer any
>questions I have had.  They may not be the biggest pump company, but their
>customer service is the best.  I'll be glad to answer any additional
>questions.  Hope this helps........
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